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[adf-canada] Growth of ADF in Canada [message #422724] Sun, 01 January 2017 11:58
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In my opinion, a key concept for the growth of ADF in Canada is acceptance of diversity. It is natural often to assume that what one is used to is the way it is in general. However, what one is used to is not necessarily the way some others are used to and there is not necessarily any reason to exclude them. There'll often be a tension between an attitude of doing it one way and allowing it to be done in a multitude of ways. Moderation is a good virtue here as elsewhere. Just because something feels real, legitimate, the way for one person or group (grove) doesn't mean it really is the only thing possible.
I feel that we encounter both individuals and groups interested in druidism and ADF. Many first meet Wicca and then may wish to explore further, find that their path is leading into the druid forest or whatever imagery you like. There are others who have not first gone through Wicca, so the extent to which ADF resonates with the ex Wiccan or the remaining Wiccan (ADF is inclusive; one can do specifically ADF ritual, etc, and at another time do Wiccan ritual, etc that is not identified as ADF) either by its similarity to Wicca or its attempt to distinguish itself from Wicca, does not have the same impact for these others. 

I think a key point is that a considerable variety is good, a recognition that each grove has its own individuals each with their experiences, each grove has its group experience, some may even have previous group experience prior to becoming ADF groves. A forest is composed of various kinds of trees, various groves, and it loses something if there's an attempt at uniformity. Moderation is a good virtue, so, for example, no blood sacrifice in ADF. Anyway, Happy sesquicentennial and here's to the acceptance of our diversity.
Thrice Three Blessings,
Michael "No doubt, all states need peace at all times. War is always and everywhere a calamity for the victors as well as for the vanquished." Arnold J. Toynbee
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