Arise from the Vapours

Arise From Vapours is a poetic mélange that combines short pieces, haikus, collected trilogies, and a number of longer “journey” works that explore and describe this poet’s view of the world in passing. The images range from the sublime to the Divine and all points in between. Arise From Vapours is dedicated to the Muse; sometime lover, sometime quarry, sometime Goddess, yet always the inspiration. She is what feeds the poet’s soul


Book of Pagan Prayer

Book of Pagan Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith.
Steeped in tradition and based on more than a quarter century of research and practice, this book teaches us to pray in the ways of our ancestors and for very modern times and concerns. A unique collection of nearly 500 prayers written to fulfill the needs of contemporary Pagans from a variety of traditions, this is a book to turn to again and again.


Connecting with the Land

Connecting with the Land: Nature Relationships in Multiple Dimensions by Adam Davis is aimed at helping people realize the deep relationships they have with the land. The book supports spiritual nourishment through nature connections and provides guidance for living in greater harmony with other beings and energies of the Earth. The book is designed to be a practical guide, providing tools and strategies for being intentional about spiritual nature experiences, and for delving deeply into them.


Essential Asatru

Essential Asatru: Walking a Path of Norse Paganism by Diana Paxson.
In Essential Asatru, renowned author and priestess Diana Paxson demystifies an ancient, rich, and often misunderstood religion, and offers a practical guide for its modern followers.
Filled with clear, concise instructions on living Asatru every day, this truly accessible guide takes you on a journey from Asatru's origins in Scandinavian and German paganism to its acceptance as an official religion in the 1970s.


NeoPagan Rites

Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals that Work by Isaac Bonewits.
Practical and engaging, this guide represents the best practices from Isaac Bonewits' over thirty-five years of experience creating, attending, and leading public ceremonies as a Neopagan priest and magician. Ideal for Earth-centered spiritual movements and other liberal religious traditions, Neopagan Rites explains how to design powerful and effective rites of worship for small groups or large crowds.

Ogham: The Secret Language of the Druids

Ogham: The Secret Language of the Druids by Rev. Skip Ellison.
"This solidly researched guide to Ogham, the traditional alphabet of Irish poets and loremasters, belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in Celtic traditions or modern Druid spirituality. Ellison deserves high praise for a readable and practical introduction to the intricacies of Ogham lore." -- John Michael Greer, author of The Druid Magic Handbook