Kins are groups of ADF members supporting each other in practicing ADF Druidry in the context of a specific culture, such as the Celtic or Norse cultural groups. The following are the currently-approved Kins:

  • Aus Dhwer (Eastern Gate Kin): Eastern I-E traditions (Vedic, Iranian/Zoroastrian, Tocharian, Armenians, Anatolian)
  • Eldr ok Iss (Kin of Fire and Ice): Germanic/Northern traditions
  • Oi Asproi Koukouvayies (White Owls Kin): Hellenic (a.k.a. Ancient Greek) traditions
  • The Slavic Kin: Slavic traditions
  • Tylwyth Y Ddraig Goch (Clan of the Red Dragon): Welsh traditions
  • Clann na nGael (Gaelic Kin): Traditions from Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man
  • The Roman Kin: Ancient Roman History, Culture, Religion, Arts, Literature and Language
  • Pontos Proto IE Kin: Culture, language and religion of the Proto-Indo-Europeans

Members may get more information about these Kins' activities in the members Kin area.

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