Mailing List Moderation Policy

All ADF mailing lists are moderated. The moderator is the ADF Listmaster, appointed by the ADF Administrator and remaining in that position until the Administrator's term expires or a new Listmaster is appointed. ADF has many lists, so the Listmaster may delegate her/his moderation powers to specific moderators for particular lists. The moderator/listmaster may be reached at  The Social Media groups are moderated by the ADF Web team, headed by the Social Media Moderator appointed by the ADF Information Manager.  The web team may be reached at

Our email list, forums, and social media moderation policy is listed below, and exists to ensure that respectful communication occurs. While lively discussions are welcomed and even encouraged, personal insults, profanity, name-calling, threats, and other immature behavior will not be tolerated.

Please also note that the following behaviors have been classified as disruptive and may result in moderator warnings and/or unsubscription:

  • Lists and Forums:
    • Posting advertisements for anything not directly related to the List
    • Unsolicited bulk email (spam) or chain letters
    • Encoded binary files (such as pictures or commercial software)
    • Posting copyrighted material without the original author's/publisher's consent
  • Social Media:
    • Posting or sharing of photos/graphics and related without attributing where the person who generated the media if not the poster.
    • Posting or sharing links or media that is not generally considered "safe for work"
  • In General:
    • Disrespectful emails (insulting/threatening a person, their beliefs, using profanity)
    • Using 'threat of lawsuit' to support your argument.
    • Posting other people's personal contact information without permission

The moderation policy and the decisions of the moderators are not up for debate. Violations of the policy, as judged by the moderator, may result in moderator warnings and/or unsubscription, at the moderator's discretion. If you don't like this policy, unsubscribe now. (You may do so by going to for the ADF Lists and Forums)

If these warnings seem excessive, please bear in mind that we have been running our mailing lists since 1996 and the current policy is the result of many successive adaptations to the needs of our mailing list subscribers (in fact, the first ADF moderation policy was created and approved by a list-wide vote). Again, the policy is not up for debate, but hopefully this will provide some perspective for the reason it exists.



  • ADF Guild, Kin, SIG, Order, Regional, and other lists and forums as determined by the ADF Administrator, shall be hosted by ADF.
  • ADF-hosted forums and lists shall be moderated by the ADF Listmaster and her/his delegates.
  • Official Social Media groups shall be approved by the ADF Administrator.
  • Social Media groups shall be moderated by the Social Media Moderator and his/her delegates.

Behavior - The following categories apply to contributions sent to any ADF-hosted Forums, ADF-hosted Lists and Official Social Media groups:

  • Poor behavior includes but is not limited to: excessive quoting, off-topic content, and poorly chosen subject lines.
  • Unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to: insults, threats, name-calling, harsh sarcasm, personal accusations, defamation of character, and chronic poor behavior.
  • Excessively disruptive behavior is determined at the moderators' discretion.

Actions - Moderators may:

  • Screen, and reject, contributions at their discretion.
  • Suspend participants for unacceptable behavior after three public or private warnings.
  • Suspend participants for excessively disruptive behavior immediately.


  •    For ADF-hosted Forums and Lists:
    • Suspensions apply to one or more ADF-hosted forums at the ADF Listmaster's discretion.
    • A participant's first suspension period shall be determined by the ADF Listmaster but shall not exceed three months.
    • A participant's second suspension period shall be determined by the ADF Listmaster .
  •    For Official Social Media groups:
    • Violations will be determined by the Social Media Moderator and her/his delegates.
    • If a non-ADF member violates the moderation policy, they will be removed from the group.
    • If an ADF member violates the moderation policy:
      • The first violation will result in removal from the group for a minimum of 3 months.
      • Further violations of the policy will result in removal from the group for a minimum of 1 year.
    • If anyone tries to circumvent the removal from the group by joining with a different profile, they will be permanently removed from the group.

Removal of Offending Material:

  • Posts and/or comments to Social Media Groups that are found to be in violation of the moderation policy will be deleted.
  • Prior to deletion, a screen capture of the offending material will be created and sent to Social Media Moderator and his/her delegates, ADF Information Manager, ADF Listmaster, and the ADF Administrator.
  • The violator will be notified of the violation, and what action will occur.
  • The post and/or comment will be deleted.


  • Moderator actions may be appealed to the ADF Administrator.

(Policy established by Mother Grove vote May 1999. Most recent revision approved by Mother Grove vote July 2014.)

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