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My post was rejected, and I think it was unfair. What do I do?

The short answer is, "read the modertion policies, edit your email, and resubmit". The moderators will include a reason for rejection using those policies, and email that don't adhere to them will be rejected. Repeated resubmission of an unchanged rejected email will result in unsubbing you from the list.

Your introduction mentions turning off MIME encoding. What is that?

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a protocol for intepreting non-text (pictures, music files, et al.) so that it can be sent/received through an email. The protocol takes a picture and translates it into something your email client can display.

Why are MIME and HTML encoding undesirable?

MIME and its secure counterpart S/MIME are great when sending non-text (graphics, sound) to someone via email, but, given that the ADF lists are text-only, MIME simply bloats the size of your email by adding a lot of unnecessary code. The ADF lists are all archived; to make those archives more easily read (and stored), it is preferable to strip out the extra characters and code to save not only people's eyes but also disk space.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language of the World Wide Web and invaluable when putting together a webpage. But HTML has the same effect on email that MIME does – bloated text with no real value to the ADF lists and archives.

Another issue with MIME and HTML encoding deals with malicious code (worms, viruses, trojan horses). Both formats can force your browser to run embedded code if you open the email, and you could unknowingly infect your PC by using either format.

How do I turn off MIME/HTML encoding?

Each email client in use today has a specific way of turning on/off MIME and HTML. See this guide for details for various email clients.

How do I use my email software to manage my Inbox?

The ADF Information Manager Anthony Thompson has written an excellent guide for ADF Members and Guests.

What is "excessive quoting"?

Excessive quoting usually results when someone hits the "Reply" button. Most email clients will copy the entire message into the "reply" email, and not just the portion being quoted, hence "excessive quoting". If you hit the "Reply" button, delete all text except what you want quote, or create a new blank email and copy/paste your quote instead.

My post was rejected for "Invalid Subject" reasons - what does that mean?

As mentioned in #6, using the "Reply" button copies the entire text of an email into a new email. Another thing it does is place "RE:(original subject)" in the Subject line of your email. If you respond to a post from an ADF mailing list, this means that your Subject will be something like "RE: ADF-DRUIDRY DIGEST #XXX VOL #YYY" - not very descriptive. Instead, make sure that your subject line describes your post, like "Good Books on Indo-European Culture".

Where can I find more information about electronic communication and "Netiquette"?

There are many guides on the web (try searching on "netiquette" using your favorite search engine), but Arlene Rinaldi of Flordia Atlantic University has a Netiquette guide with explanations in decent, non-techie language.

My email was rejected for Off-Topic Content - could you explain what this is?

The ADF lists aren't heavily moderated, meaning that the Moderators aren't ogres, so this is a true rarity. If you post something to ADF-Hellenic about your recent trip to Greece with links to some pics you took, that's definitely "On-Topic". However, if you posted to the same list about your interest in trans-warp technology in the recent episode of Star Trek, that'd be "Off-Topic" and would be returned to you. Keep in mind that the ADF lists are there for discussion of topics germane to Druidry - some "near-topic" items are fun and okay to post, but something that's very "Off-Topic" will get rejected at the Moderator's discretion.

Someone on my list asked for John Q. Public's contact information. I know John, and posted his email address to the list, but my email was returned to me. Why?

You have to put yourself in John Q. Public's shoes; you may or may not mind that your email information, address or other information is posted somewhere, however John Q. Public may have reservations with that. You can post your own email/contact info without problem, but posting someone else's is best kept off-list. Instead, email the requestor directly, or, better yet, send John Q. Public the person's email, and ask that he get in touch with them directly (if he chooses to). Then you can post to the list that you forwarded the requst directly to John Q. Public without giving away what might be private information.

I recently tried to post an interesting article to the ADF-xxxxxx list, but it was returned. Could you explain why? How can I prevent my posts from getting rejected in future?

Any article from published media (of all kinds) must have the following in its original form - “This message may be freely copied, distributed or otherwise retransmitted.” Lacking that, re-posting an article in full is a thorny legal issue we'll not tackle here on the ADF lists. Unlike other organizations, our coffers are not so full that we'll tackle the New York Times on their interpretation of “Fair Use”.

If you'd like to reference an article that isn't granted this redistribution, please place only a link to the article, followed by your comments. Citing/quoting a portion of a work is fine, as long as you include original publication information, and reference that it is a copyrighted work.

If you have any further questions, or suggestions for the FAQ, please feel free to contact ADF Listmaster.

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