Memorial to Isaac Bonewits

We members of ADF are filled with great sadness at the news of the death of our founder, Rev. Isaac Bonewits. Our thoughts and our hearts go out to his widow, Phaedra, his son, Arthur, and his entire family at this unhappy time.

ADF shall hold a special service to celebrate his life, followed by a wake of remembrance on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 9pm EDT at the Summerland ADF Festival at Camp Clifton in Yellow Springs, OH. We invite everyone who loved Isaac or who has been touched by his works and writings to remember him at that time by lighting a candle or holding a ritual in his honor.

At Thursday’s Memorial Service we shall welcome Isaac into the ranks of the Ancient Wise, those of our ancestors, the Sacred Dead, who are willing to join with us and grant us the wisdom we need to bring back the old ways.

On our website we also have a special memorial page for Isaac where there is a eulogy by Ian Corrigan and links to a special guestbook page where anyone may leave their condolences. It may be reached at

My the Gods ease Isaac’s passage into the Otherworlds, and may the Ancestors welcome him with open arms. We also pray that they ease the pain of his family and of those who shall sorely miss him. And we pray that his blessings and wisdom will cross the veils to us here for the benefit of ADF and of us all.


Rev. Kirk Thomas

Articles by Rev. Kirk Thomas

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