Call to Manannan

Let us call to Manannan to guide us, lest we be lost in the mists of change:

(Conch shell is blown, if available.)

Manannan comes, he comes
Even to our fire he comes.
From beyond the sea's nine waves he comes,
From beyond the isle of Donn he comes,
Lighting the moonlit path of mist he comes,
Showing us hidden gates he comes,
Guiding his sacred guests he comes,
Leading the longed-for dead he comes,
To our calling,
to our greeting,
to our blessing
to our welcome,
To the honor of our rite he comes!

(Those with bells, if any, ring them)


Kami Landy

Articles by Kami Landy

2018 Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc.

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