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Ancestors and Honored Dead

In ADF, one of the three Kindreds we worship is the Ancestors. This includes our relatives and other honored dead, such as close friends and even the great heroes of old. The following articles relate to the Ancestors:

Ancestors Invocation

We call to our Beloved Dead, the blessed Ancestors, to join our feast and receive due offering.

Come to the Gates, honored ones; hear our call, we your children who remember. We offer you our worship, our reverence and our love.

Ancestors Invocation

(Originally published in Druid's Progress 11)

Seeking the Wisdom of the Ancestors: A Form of Indo-European Divination

In the Irish tale Serglige Con Culainn a ritual is described in which a white bull is killed. A man eats his fill of its meat, drinks its broth, and goes to sleep after a prayer is spoken over him by four druids.

Taking the Waters— An Essay on the Connections Between the Nature Spirits and the Ancestors

Since our inception in 1997, the 6th Night Grove has used the waters from the Yellow Spring, a local landmark in our area, as the waters for our Sacred Well.

The Afterlife, The Heroes, and The Dead

What is known about the afterlife beliefs of the Celtic peoples is sketchy and often contradictory. The classical authors are unanimous in declaring that the Celts held an unshakable belief in a happy life after death.

The Death Song

(Repaganized from the Carmina Gadelica)

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