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The Rev. Melissa Hill has been a member of ADF since 2008.  She is a founding member of Cedarsong Grove, ADF and served as both Senior Druid and Chief Liturgist, which lead her to enter the Clergy Training Program and Ordination. She has served as the Advertising Director, Layout Editor, and Design Director for Oak Leaves Magazine.  Currently she serves as the Clergy Council Secretary, as well as the Chieftain of the Dance Guild, and the leader of the Esctatic Trance SIG.  

Melissa is committed to a vision of ADF that is focused on serving the needs of the entire community, including children, the elderly, and disabled. She believes that everyone should have access to quality public pagan spiritual materials, and has focused on creating materials for children as well as adults, since she is the mother of two girls.  She believes that religion should be a powerful and transformative tool for living a better life and has taught classes in meditation, spirit work, ritual construction, IE lore, the Earth Mother and many workshops and rituals at public festivals and local pagan events. 

She is dedicated to creating a more sustainable world, and has worked on a number of organic farms over the years, and taught classes in bread baking, sauerkraut making, sustainable paganism and homesteading. She will be working with the local pagan food bank Pagans in Need to help them create a community garden to serve those in need as well as the local neighborhood.

You can find her writings at her own personal blog and at her column at Patheos. She enjoys talking about sustainability, compassion, Baltic mythology, and generally getting her pagan nerd on.  You can find her over at Facebook and at Tumblr.  Drop her a line and say hi!

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Rev. Melissa Hill

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The Rev. Melissa Hill of Cedarsong Grove holds various positions, causes various trouble, helps various people, and does various things. She worships the dawn, is into Baltic paganism, books, kids, the environment, art, bones, and probably could be called a social justice warrior.

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