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Hello!  I'm Sara Blackwelder.  I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and have been a member of ADF since early 2008.  I first came to Paganism in 2000 after leaving home for the life in the world.  I read a lot during those years and found a coven to work with in 2007, and in my work there I had a coven mate say to me, "I really think that you should look into ADF, it would be perfect for you!"  I had never heard of ADF before, so I got online and started reading.  I ended up giving it a try, figuring it was cheap enough for this poor student to join up.  The first few years in ADF I mostly read and didn't do much else besides basic work as I was in school full time and working full time.  It was also the same year I met my husband, so there was that involved as well.  In 2010 I finished my undergrad programs earning a degree in Anthropology and also one in Religious Studies.  At that point I turned back to my ADF work.  I spent a lot of time deciding if this was the place for me or not, but I did know I wanted to serve my community.  I made my decision in 2011 after a pivotal meeting with Kirk to dedicate to ADF and finish my Dedicant work in the hopes of one day becoming clergy, as I felt called to that path. 

I found out that I was pregnant in October of 2011 and was so excited to be a mom!  I also knew that my baby would take up a significant amount of time for study so I doubled down and finished my Dedicant Path in the early part of 2012.  I also knew I wanted to create a spiritual home for her so I organized Manatee Oak Grove to fill those needs.  In June of 2012 my daughter was born and my life has changed forever.  While I am not able to move as quickly through my studies, I am working away slowly at my goals.  I am currently in the CTP, GSP, and Bardic Study Programs.  I was ordained as a Priest of ADF in December of 2014 and am so pleased to be serving my community in this capacity!  I am the Bardic Guild Chief and also the preceptor of the Bardic Alchemy Guild.  I was also appointed to be the ADF Treasurer in late 2012 serving until July 2016.  And was voted to be the Southeast Regional Druid in 2014 and serving a full term in that roll.  I have served as the Scholar's Guild Preceptor in the past as well.  I love ADF and I'm so happy that I have found my spiritual home.

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