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Echo Summer is a disabled, polyamorous, non-binary queer who lives on a small hobby farm on the edge of a state forest in Central Massachusetts with six other adults, the five best house cats on the planet, and an assortment of livestock. They grew up working on their dad's fishing boat as a lobsterman on the Long Island Sound, before moving to Westchester, NY to get a BA in Religious Studies and Gender Studies. While in college, Echo served on the governing board of the school's Honors program, including as editor for the department's quarterly publication, and worked on campus as a peer minister, a resident assistant, a class president, and the founder of The College of New Rochelle's first queer student union on campus, Spectrum.

Now, Echo serves as the "Social Media Maven" for the First Parish Church of Groton, UU, the Grove Organizer for Greylock Shadow Protogrove, and as the Northeast Regional Druid in ADF. Echo believes strongly in creating safe religious spaces and experiences that reflect the vast diversity of the world we live in.  To support that goal, they have taken Pagan Consent Culture training with Cherry Hill Seminary and are currently pursuing training on decolonizing Druidry, examining personal racism, and a variety of courses in life cycle rites, from birth to death. Echo aspires to complete ADF's Clergy Training Program over the next few years so that they can better serve their community. In the meantime, Echo is working to develop accessible online courses like "Meditation for people who think they suck at it" to give a broad introduction to the many different types of meditation practice, and "Your Paganism is Problematic," a tongue-in-cheek investigation into the ways in which modern pagan practices are inadvertently harmful to the world and the people around us. They also have been running weekly video check-ins for folks working through ADF's dedicant path. 

To learn more about what Echo is up to, or to contact Echo, check out their public Facebook Page, The Social Justice Druid, and please consider supporting their work on Patreon

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Echo Summer

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Echo (they/them) lives in Central Massachusetts and is the Northeast Regional Druid and organizer of Greylock Shadow ProtoGrove. They currently run staggered dedicant path classes throughout the year on their Patreon ( using Rev. Dangler's "Dedicant Path Through the Wheel of the Year." Echo is a devotee of the Morrigan, and their pagan interests include the experiences of queer people in Neopaganism, religious education, and building rituals back into life cycle changes.

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