Leader Bio: Robert Lewis

Leader Bio: Robert Lewis

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Hi, I'm Robb and I have been a member of ADF since 1999. Shortly after joining I was a founding member and elected GO of the Tear of the Cloud Protogrove, and led the members of the Protogrove through the process to become a Chartered Grove in 2006 becoming the SD in the process. I served as SD for three years and stepped aside because I was ordained as clergy and then elected as the Secretary of ADF. Since then, I have continued to work with my grove as the grove's clergy.

For ADF International, I have served first as North East Regional Druid from 2007 through 2009, and during my two years in that role, I visited every grove in my region except one and setting the expectation that the RD will travel their region and visit the Groves, Protogroves, and members in the region. From 2009 until 2015, I served as the Secretary of ADF. While in this role, I was responsible for reporting the meeting minutes and logs of the discussion held on the MG list out to the membership within a reasonable amount of time of the meetings. I strove to be as accurate as I could with my reporting so that the membership would get a full picture of what transpired. As when I was the NERD, I also traveled to multiple groves as I was able, including a trip to visit our Australian members in Melbourne and Newcastle in 2009.

I am currently holding the role of Information Manager, having taken it over in 2010. While working with the web team, and then running the web team, I have brought many things to ADF that has made it easier for many members. Specifically, I am responsible for the creation of the training program submission and tracking, aka sptracker, code which has made reviewers and preceptors more accountable to their students while simultaneously making it easier for the students to join a study program, submit their work, and track their status. The roster system is also an innovation of mine that has made it much simpler for the leadership of the various subgroups to keep track of their members, especially when it comes time for voting. I also was responsible for major site upgrades and server moves that have now allowed us to host our own forum interface to the mailman mailing list and sell hosting space to our groves which helps us recoup some of our website costs.  What is not visible to the majority of members that happened with the upgrades though gave better control to the subgroup leaders to edit their sections of the website, easier editing in general, and a switch to a major open source software package that makes managing the website and making design changes to the website much simpler than it was when I started.

In 2006, I was admitted to the Clergy Training Program and have since been ordained in 2008 and consecrated in 2013. At the start of February 2016, I completed my coursework for third circle, and barring any unexpected issues, I was elevated at my Grove's first festiva, *Ghosti-con, in March 2016.  Since I was ordained, I have been serving as my Grove's priest.  I have also stepped up at festivals where there was limited ADF membership and run ADF rituals and workshops on ADF that have been part of the reason why some members have joined.

I have also received various awards over the years for ADF.  These have included awards of appreciation for the work I have done on the website, winner of the Artisan's Competition at Wellspring for Fiber Arts for two years, and the highest honor I could receive of Volunteer of the Year award for my work on the website.

And, completely unrelated, I have many hobbies that I actively pursue.  I've been homebrewing since 1999 and have been giving workshops on this at many festivals through the years.  More recently, I have picked up knitting and spinning of yarn, which has surprisingly been something I picked up very quickly.  I have also given many hours to helping Project Gutenberg through their Dedicated Proofreaders program both as editor and formatter.