Isaac Bonewits Memorial

Order of Service

19 August 2010
Summerland Festival, Yellow Springs, OH USA

Folk process in silence to the Nemeton

The Outdwellers are called upon and placated

The Folk are seated

The Earth Mother is invoked - all then sing "Oh, Earth Mother" (Words by RDNA, Music by Richard MacKelly)

Brighid is invoked for Inspiration - all then sing "Hymn to Brighid" (by Isaac Bonewits)

Cosmos Re-created and Hallows consecrated (Well, Fire, Tree)


Gatekeeper invoked and Gates opened

Kindred Offerings (Land Spirits, Deities, Ancestors)

Ancient Wise invoked - all sing "Prayer to the Ancient Wise" (by ADF Clergy)

Praise Offerings to Isaac
All sing "Hymn to the Morrigan" (by Isaac Bonewits)
Three Eulogies by Ian Corrigan, Skip Ellison, Sue Parker-Wyndham
All sing "Into the West" (from "The Lord of the Rings")

The Beings are thanked (Isaac, Ancient Wise, Ancestors, Deities, Land Spirits)

The Gatekeeper is thanked and the Gates closed

The Earth Mother is thanked

All sing "We Won't Wait Any Longer" (by Gwydion Pendderwen)

Folk process to the Hall for the Wake

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